What are the best updates to do before listing home?

Posted on Dec 30, 2020 | Updated Aug 1, 2022 - 6 minute read


What are the best updates to do before listing home? 


When I come out to your home to do a listing consulation I always want to look around and tell my clients in each room what needs to be done to get the best return on their money.  My specialty is coming to your home, walking through and giving you the best advice on what needs to be done so we can get top dollar and walking you through the process.  My clients are excited to know what they can do, especially if they have no clue how to get started then we make a list and they see the results and wish they had done this long ago.  

Here is a list room by room to get a head start on getting your home market ready, then call me and I will handle the rest!  

Outdoors - Get rid of junk and clutter.  Freshen up the plant beds with new mulch or rock and plants. De-clutter all of the beds. Mow the yard and keep it all manicured during the process, which includes weed eating and trimming.  Even when its under contract as that is a pet peeve of most buyers if the current owner doesn't care enough to continue to take care of the property. 

Make the front door look welcoming and inviting.  Hang a welcome home wreath after you paint the front door with a fresh coat of paint!  Curb appeal means everything.  Some buyers look at the outside and decide if they even want to come inside.  Hire a professional to pressure wash the house, driveway and sidewalks. 

Also, if your roof is looking dirty you wouldn't believe how much it makes the house look unappealing with a dirty roof so call a Roof Washing Professional.  I know we had ours done last year and it looks brand new again!  Make sure the gutters are all cleaned out!  All of this will be looked at during a home inspection so go ahead and get it all done before you put the house on the market! 

Make sure to trim all the trees away from the house, roof or walk ways.  

Declutter - You will want to go through each room and the closets to make sure you get rid of things you don't need.  You can have a yard sale, donate items or box it all up with labels and take to a storage unit, but get it all out of the house.  Less is MORE!  You want people to be able to see past the "stuff" to imagine their belongings there.  When it is packed they can't see past your stuff and think rooms are smaller than they really are.  

Paint - Paint everything a neutral color and do touch ups throughout the inside and outside of home.  This includes ceilings, doors, walls and trim.  Take down any boarder or wallpaper as that will tend to date a room and people don't want to have to remove it.  Although, some high end homes are trending back to certain walls or rooms having wallpaper that is not the 80's style.

Flooring - Spruce up the hardwoods, clean the carpets or even take it out if it is worn and replace with new or hard surface flooring.  Clean tile and grout and if there are cracked tiles you may want to replace those if you can get the same style or have extra.  

Hardware - If you have brass hardware then its time to update to bronze or nickel finish, depending on the style of house.  You just wouldn't believe how it can make it all feel updated.  Change out all the door knobs, cabinet handles and hinges.  You may want to add a little flare of home automation with keyless entry and your thermostat for your HVAC.  People love having those modern conveniences when buying a home so if yours has some bells and whistles then you are ahead of the game.  My personal home is totally techno.....we have a whole house home automation system, including cameras, light switches, appliances, vacuum, doors, alarm & you name it we have it controlled automatically.  Our house is super intelligent thanks to my Hubby & son, who are my geek squad....ha!  

Fixtures - Light fixtures need to be changed out to modern styles and ceiling fans too.  And make sure all of your light bulbs are replaced if they are burned out.  Again, get rid of brass and update to modern fixtures in lights, ceiling fans and all faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Appliances - Make sure all of your appliances work and if they don't then you will need to replace them.  A home inspection will be done by the buyer and they test all of them.  Stainless steel appliances are still "IN" and if you can change them out that will update your kitchen as well.  

Cabinets in Kitchen & Baths - People always look at the cabinets and want them to be freshly painted or in good enough shape to where they can paint them once they buy.  Some like a little DIY, but Most people prefer them to be done before they move in.  If they are in rough shape then its a good idea to clean them and do touch up painting or refinish them.  There are quite a few painters that can come in and make them look brand new again....this will give everything a freshly updated look without having to replace them. 

Receipts & Manuals - If you have had any repairs or maintenance done to your HVAC unit, gas fireplace, appliances, etc. then its a good idea to keep all of them to show the perspective buyers.  It's always nice to go into a home to show it and there is a large book of receipts, maintenance receipts, warranty paperwork, septic cleaning, HVAC cleanings and manuals, etc.  It lets people know that you cared enough to keep up the maintenance of the house.  You can make a binder with all of this organized for buyers to see and write a letter telling them all the features and the things you love about your home. 

Clean - Clean, Clean & Clean some more!  You will need to do a Spring cleaning of the whole house and keep it all clean during the process.  When I have professional pictures done before listing which includes a virtual walk through tour it will show the good, the bad and the ugly.  So make it all look as GOOD as possible as cameras see everything.  Oh, and never leave toilet seats up....ever!  Ha......this includes 

List - I always have my clients write a list of all of the updates & features they have done in the past 5 years or since they moved in.  I create a pdf that goes on their listing on the MLS & left on the counter at their home for perspective buyers, agents and I always send to the appraiser.  Also, make a list of your service providers for utilities and trash pickup and any vendors that have worked at your home that the new owner may like to have. 


Hope this will give you some help to know what to do!  But, call me today and schedule a listing consultation and let me go to work for you and get you top dollar and SOLD quickly!  I've worked with designers and high end clientele my whole life and know what it takes to get a home prepared to sell and sold for top dollar!  I am your conceirge .... not just your REALTOR and always go above and beyond for my clients!



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