The inside matters!

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 | Updated Dec 30, 2020 - 2 minute read

Here is a list of things to do to get the inside of your home ready to put on the market to get it sold quickly and for top dollar! 

A clean home is a happy home and a happy home is attractive to buyers so if you don't have time to clean or box things up then hire a professional.  It will be so worth the money spent and free up time for you to do other things.

Update Hardware to modern finishes such as door knobs, sink hardware, drawer knobs, etc.

Touch up and and repaint areas to more neutral tones.

DECLUTTER the whole house.  You may want to get a storage unit or a POD to be able to take everything to while selling your home.  Also, a dumpster to toss anything that is not worth selling or to clean up and out trash or other debris from yard, shops, barns and home. 

Clean everything from ceilings to floors and make it sparkles.  

If you are missing any light switch covers or electrical plates, then make sure you buy and replace them.  

Upgrade light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Clean carpets, tile and hardwoods because people do look at that.  And make sure carpet is properly restrectched if it has wrinkles.

Fix any plumbing and electrical issues or leaks. 

Dont forget to clean out the closets to show off how big they are.

Depersonalize - Go ahead and box up all of your photos & take everything off the fridge.  People don't need to see who you are or your family....they may not be able to picture their family there.  

Never leave out cash, coins, credit cards, medicine or valuables.

Figure out your game plan of where to put the fur babies during showings.

Staging - Properly staging a home will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Make sure everything is in proper working order such as appliances, faucets, tubs, shower doors, windows, doors, locks, smoke detectors, etc.

Don't burn candles for showings because people my be sensitive to smells and it could be a major turn off to them or they will think you are trying to mask an odor.

Always keep the house clean, beds made and toilet seats closed before you leave for the day in case we get showings. It must be show ready at all times. So make sure the kiddos have their toys and rooms clean too!

If you want to get a preinspection - Home Inspection before selling then it can give you a good idea of what will need to be taken care of on the front end.  But, your buyer will usually want to get one and you could wait for that as well. 


Article Written by: Audra Hicks