Out of State Buyers Relocating to Tennessee!

Posted on Oct 20, 2020 | Updated Jul 21, 2021 - 2 minute read

I work with buyers that are relocating to Nashville & surrounding areas and have lived here all my life, so I'm good at figuring out the perfect cites for them to look at and decide where they can see their families live based on their activites and priorities!  Nashville is such a hot market and growing rapidly, but I've been getting an influx of clients that are relocating here from California, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Texas and even Georgia and Florida.  They love our weather, since we have 4 seasons. 

I've owned a high end floor care business all my life and dealt with designers, celebrities and know the latest trends in designs.  We retired from that industry in 2016 after 24 years and went into full time Real Estate.  This means that I am here for you and you can be assured that I will answer my phone, text or emails or I will call you back ASAP!  I also have a list of great vendors to help us with all of the needed items such as moving, house cleaning, home repairs, etc.  I am your personal concierge.  My Hubby and Son are my techno side of my business and help me with many tasks in Real Estate and Stewie Doodle too....ha!  People say all the time that "you are just real and tell me like it is!"  LOL.....yes, I know how to handle some of the toughest situations and a people person!  I've been self employed way too long not to know how to do that....ha!  

Also, in our floor care business we would always travel around to all of the connecting cities around Nashville and never just stayed in one city or county.  So, with that said I have 7 Offices of Benchmark and have a personal office at the Hendersonville location as well.  I travel to meet clients at any of our offices, whichever makes it easier on my clients and I have a home office as well.  I always say ..... "I have car, will travel!"  And servicing all of the areas makes me knowledgeable about Nashville and all of the Middle TN areas!  I also tour homes in different cities a few times a month to make sure I stay up to date on the areas.  

I always network with other Realtors so that I may learn of new properties even before they hit the market.  In 2021 I will serve as the local President of Women's Council of REALTORS - Sumner County (currently serving as President-Elect for 2020) and I'm active in our local Association at Sunmer Realtors!  

I'm ready to help you find your next home in Tennessee & love getting you to the closing table to hand you keys to your new home sweet home!  I'm very passionate about what I do and helping my clients find the perfect home!  

If you are looking at moving here, please give me a call so we can either meet in person for a buyers consultation or we can do a virtual meeting to get to know each other and I can figure out what your Top wants are in a home and community to find that perfect home!  


Article written by: Audra Hicks